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Signs of Allah in clouds

Allah knows that we need water. As a result, He created a system in the sky that produces water even as we talk, read, sleep, work and do other activities. This system is visible to us through the clouds.

Clouds are amazing creations of Allah. At least once in our lifetime we look at an airplane and say "Wow, how can that big thing fly in the sky?" But did we ever look at the clouds and wonder how they remain in the sky? Let's compare the clouds and the airplanes. The airplanes have specific shapes and designs. If one of their wings break down, then the plane crashes. On the other hand, these clouds have no specific shapes or sizes. Yet, they can fly in the sky without a problem. In addition, the planes have to come down to the earth for re-fueling every once in a while. But the clouds can remain in the sky for months without coming down.

The airplanes are very heavy objects, however, the clouds are even heavier. An average cumulonimbus cloud contain enough water to fill 10,000 swimming pools! Now, that's heavy.

Moreover, clouds provide us with shade during sunny days and let's us see beautiful scenaries even in the sky. Did you ever thank Allah for these blessings?

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