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Signs of Allah in Camels

Camels are animals that were created to survive the hottest climates on earth. Camels are commonly used for transportation in the desert. Deserts are vast areas of sand and the temperatures in these areas can rise as high as 500 C (1220 F).

You might have experienced temperatures around 300 C (860 F). Even at such a temperature, you immediately become tired and thirsty when you are out and playing.

Camels can still go for kilometres at temperatures of 500 C (1220 F). They can stay without water for days. This is because Allah has also created their bodies very differently from ours. Camels store the water they drink inside them for long periods and they quench their thirst with the water they carry within them.

Feeding is also a problem in the desert, since the desert is dry land and there is almost no vegetation. There are only cactuses and other thorny plants. The camel's mouth and lips are so tough that when it bites, it can even pierce a hole in the sole of a shoe. This is why it can easily feed on thorns and keep hunger away.

As well as that, the hair that covers the skin of the camel protects it from the intolerable heat. Allah has made the camel's feet wide because they always walk on desert sand. Due to their width, the camel's feet don't sink in the sand. In addition, Allah has made the skin under the camel's feet very thick. In this way, the soles of their feet never burn.

There are very frequent sandstorms in the desert. Did you ever witness a strong wind when you were at the beach? You would not have been able to open your eyes because you had to try to prevent all the sand from getting in them. If that wind were to become a bit stronger, you wouldn't have been able to see ahead. However, camels have two layers of eyelashes. These lashes weave into each other just like a trap and they protect the camel's eyes during sandstorms.

Allah has created every living thing with the features that are most suitable for their habitat. There are no penguins in the desert, for instance. Since the penguin's features are not suitable for desert conditions, the penguin would die quickly in the desert. Similarly, camels could not survive near the poles. Allah has created everything where they should be. Allah is the strongest and He has endless knowledge. Allah creates everything without any shortcomings. Allah informs us of the camel's creation in the Qur'an as:

"Have they not looked at the camel-how it was created?" (Surat al Gashiya:17)

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