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IslamCan Greeting Cards - Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

These Cards were designed and submitted by Andalib P.

Instructions:   (1)  First, choose a card   (2)  Then press the Next button to continue  (3)  Enter the appropriate information and you are on your way.  Tips:   You can see the message on the card if you hold your mouse on top.

Allah said, I have prepared for My Pious slaves things which have never been seen by an eye, or heard by an ear, or imagined by a human being.  (If you wish you can recite this verse from the Holy Koran: 'No soul knows what is hidden for them, of joy as a reward for what they used to do.'
Allah is more pleased with the repentance of his servant when he turns patiently towards Him than one of you would be on finding a lost camel.
Allah has sent a person in Jannat who was polite at the time of Selling and Buying and as well as while Collecting or Repaying of his debt.
When Allah had finished His creation, He wrote over His Throne: My mercy preceeded My anger.
What Allah intends for us goes far beyond anything we can imagine.
.There is no disease that Allah has created except that He also has created its treatment.
One who wishes for an immense provision and a long life, then he should be polite (with people) and should have good behaviour with his parents.
One who tortures his neighbour and his neighbour is always afraid of him, such a person will not enter the Jannat.
One who remembers his sins & both his eyes start crying then Allah is pleased and happy with him.
One who hides the vices of his Muslim brother, it is just like saving a living person who is buried.
He who offers me the most Darud will be nearest to me on the day of Judgment.
Hajj and Umrah remove misery and sin (from our life) like a furnace which removes the waste from iron, silver and gold.  The virtue of Hajj-E-Mabur (accepted Hajj) is Jannat.