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Some Superstitions About Paradise

The verses depicting Paradise awake in the reader today the same sense of grandeur, quality, beauty, richness, bounteousness, well-being, and prosperity as they did 14 centuries ago. All of the values associated with Paradise have been desired by people of every period of history and of every social class. For example, the gold, silver, and precious jewels in Paradise, as described in the Qur'an, are even more in demand today than they were in the past.

The Qur'an also mentions that silk will be found in Paradise. Today, either as clothing or for decorative purposes, silk is preferred as a high quality material. At the same time, it is a symbol of wealth and grandeur. All of the precious things used to describe Paradise are far more valuable today than they were 1,400 years ago.

Again, the beautiful residences, palaces, and mansions mentioned in the Qur'an are luxurious places desired by everyone regardless of when they live. Today's villas and mansions are all of this category, and are marks of distinction, quality, and wealth.

Similarly, the thrones, couches, and cushions of Paradise form a part of the most comfortable and grand interior decoration. This kind of aesthetically beautiful furnishing is today displayed in the grandest of places.

Allah is the owner of all material things, and it belongs to His glory to find His beloved servants worthy of all of these beautiful things, both in this life and the next.

Does Paradise Contain Things Not Mentioned in the Qur'an?

The Qur'an describes Paradise through examples and comparisons taken from this world, for people can imagine something unknown only in terms of that which is known to them. However basic the description might be, it gives a certain idea. The Qur'an's detailed and subtle descriptions of Paradise's blessings show us that these blessings and beauties are superior to the best, most beautiful, and highest quality things to be found in this world.

The Qur'an describes Paradise by giving examples of the most desirable, high quality, and rarest things. For example, women with large dark eyes have a rare quality that gives them an extremely aesthetic and attractive appearance. Therefore, women in Paradise have large, dark gazelle-like eyes. This does not mean that no women there have green, blue, or brown eyes, but only serves to emphasize the excellent quality of Paradise and Allah's statement that the finest things here are much finer there. To give another example: The Qur'an says that every kind of fruit is present in Paradise. But, in various verses, bananas and figs are generally singled out more often as the preferred fruits. Of course, these fruits are two blessings chosen from the infinite abundance of all fruits in Paradise.

The announcement that everything desired by everyone exists in Paradise for their pleasure and to fulfill their hearts' desire is enough to express the idea that Paradise's blessings are infinite and far beyond human imagination. Everyone understands the Qur'an to the degree of his or her faith, intelligence, and sincerity. Thus disbelievers who read it with ill-intentions will understand the verses about Paradise according to their own sterile ideas. However, Paradise's superior beauty is evident to anyone who thinks about such verses with an open and intelligent awareness. Allah displays a perfect design even in the smallest details of this world; surely, it would be easy for Him to create far more excellent things than these.


Some people are indifferent to Paradise, saying: "If it comes; fine. If it doesn't, that's fine too." However, in the afterlife there are only two possibilities: Paradise or Hell. There is no option to go to a place in between.

It is clear that someone who does not appreciate Paradise as is due, who does not long for or desire to attain it, is unworthy of it and will never be admitted to it. There is only one place for such a person to go: Hell. For this reason, being indifferent to Allah's greatest grace and gift to believers and not desiring to enter it, as well as persisting in this attitude is one of the clearest signs that he or she belongs among the people of Hell.

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