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A Mother's Inspirational Advice to Her Deformed Son

Muhammad ibn Abdur-rahman al-Awqas was born a physical deformity. His neck used to be inside his body and his shoulders used to protrude as if they were two spears.

His mother, realizing that his appearance may attract ridicule from others, said to him: O my son, you will not be with the people except that you will be one who is laughed at and mocked. So upon you is to seek knowledge, for verily it will raise you. So he sought knowledge.

Muhammad ibn Abdur-rahman al-Awqas listened to his mother's advice and was diligent in seeking knowledge. He worked hard and was appointed as a judge of Makkah for twenty years. People looked up to him due to his knowledge and disregarded his physical appearance.

Source: Extracted from the narration of Khateeb al-Baghdaadi in Faqih wal-Mutafaqqih (no. 119) and graded Saheeh by the verifier of the book 'Adil al-'Azaazi (1/141)

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