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Welcoming Ramadan

is like a rare flower that blossoms once a year and just as you begin to smell its fragrance it disappears for another year.

A person who never went without food for a whole day will not have the right understanding of what the poor go through. In the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims will empty the stomach to feed the soul.

In order to get the maximum benefit out of Ramadan, one must try to close as many doors of sins as possible. Allah does not expect us to be perfect in this month, He wants to see that atleast we are trying.

Imagine you are running the air conditioner in the car. But, you have all the windows open. The A/C will run, but the car will not get cool as the warm air from outside will freely come inside the car. Similarly, when we fast but don't give up sins, we won't be benefitted much.

We may fast for 12 or so hours depending on when dawn and sunset happen. However, try to take your fasting beyond these hours and increase it to 24 hours. It means, after breaking the fast, continue to obey Allah during the night the way you were obeying Him while fasting during the day.

We wish you a blessed and fruitful Ramadan. Please keep us in your prayers.

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