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An Easy Way to Own a Mansion!

Would you like to own this mansion?

mansion 1

How about this one?

mansion 2

Or this one?

mansion 3

May be this one?

mansion 4

I am sure you are tempted.

Before you get too exited...

How long will it take for you to pay for one of these mansions? They cost well over several millions! Can you afford it? I guess very few can.

But there is a WAY.

Yes, you and I can also own luxurious mansions, much better than these. Here is the secret.

Umm Habibah bint Abu Sufyan reports that the Messenger of Allah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) said: "Whoever prays twelve rak'at during the day and night will have a house built for him in paradise: four rak'at before zuhr and two after it, two rak'at after maghrib, two rak'at after 'isha, and two rak'at before fajr." (Tirmidhi, who graded it as Hasan sahih).

These are the twelve rakat of Sunnah Muakkadah prayers that are observed before/after the above mentioned Fardh prayers. Praying 12 rakat of salah will only take around 20-30 mintues. But in return, you will get a house in Paradise every single day! A house in paradise is much bigger and better than any of the above mansions. Let alone the mansions, it's better than the whole world and everything in it.

Whereas owning a small house in this world will take years of efforts in paying off the mortgage, you can literally own palaces in Jannah with only 20 mintues of effort per day. What a great deal! Why not start owning your mansions in paradise from today?

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