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By the grace and mercy of Allah, IslamCan has grown to a full featured Islamic site over the past few years. As the site grows, so grows the cost for maintenance. Alhamdulillah, through your generous contributions in the past, we were able to add many new services to IslamCan. In addition, we were able to create new sites aimed towards educating the Muslim youths and Non Muslims. We are thankful to Allah that through these services many Non Muslims and youths have become Muslims and turned towards Allah.


All those who have taken part in these achievements will surely find a great reward with Allah in this world and in the hereafter.


Inshallah, we plan to expand our site to include even more information and services for the benefit of the people throughout the world. To do this, we humbly request your financial help. For those of you who are blessed by Almighty Allah, please contribute to our projects for a great reward in the Akhira. Any amount is valuable. The amount may look small in our eyes, but it is very big in the sight of Allah.


Your donations will be utilized in the following ways:


  • Providing free educational CDs to Non Muslims
  • Paying for the man-hours related to maintenance of the site
  • Creating new educational websites
  • Adding more multimedia elements to the site
  • Promoting Islam in the Major Search Engines
  • And many more


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